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LED LED-backlit display OLED display differences 1
2011-09-29 by seoer1

LED, OLED, LED-backlit display of these three could not tell many people, many manufacturers now promote their products when they are stealing a change of concept. Obviously have to be referred to as LED-backlit display LED display. In fact the LCD modules and LED-backlit display now are essentially different. Of course, easy for readers to confuse the technology is very advanced there OLED, then the LED, LED backlight, OLED three differences between how and what link? In this article, edited to introduce the basic concepts of these three technologies.

What is the LED display

LED display is directly in LED (light emitting diode) as the pixel display light emitting devices to form an array of light-emitting diodes directly emit red, green and blue light, thus forming a color screen. However, due to their larger diameter light-emitting diode, so the same color pixels, the larger the distance between (that is, we often say that the dot pitch), so the LED display is usually only suitable for large-screen display.

Interpretation of LED, LED backlit, OLED display differences

LED display at the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony in the application

LED display set microelectronics, computer technology, information processing in one, with its colorful, dynamic range, high brightness, long life, stable and reliable, as the most advantage of the public display media, present, LED display has been widely used in large squares, commercial advertising, sports venues, information dissemination, press releases, securities trading, to meet the needs of different environments.

What is LED-backlit display

LED-backlit  graphic LCD displays are the traditional CCFL backlight source is Designed tube (similar to fluorescent) over to the LED (light emitting diode). Now let's look at the basic principles of liquid crystal displays.

LCD imaging principle can be simply understood as the external applied voltage to liquid crystal molecules tilt just like a camel barrier gate backlight emits light of the degree of permeability, and thus the light projected in different colors to form color filter images.

Transition from the CCFL backlight to LED can bring many benefits, allowing more uniform brightness of the display screen, lower power consumption, form factor can be more stylish. However, the market is widely used W-LED (white LED) light source, in fact, the backlight will only light components replaced, but rather to enhance the display very weak or no improvement. While the liquid crystal display products to enhance the apparent RGB-LED (tri-color LED) display enhancement of the more obvious, but higher production costs, so it is used in high-priced LCD TV. Said the current business is the use of LED display White LED backlit display products, and the difference between an ordinary liquid crystal display backlight changes.

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