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We get the information Tsingtek display, TFT-LCD (thin film transistor liquid crystal display) for the next five years, will occupy the entire display market share of nearly 90%, while the LCD industry upstream high value-added material has the characteristics of highly profitable, so we expect that China LCD industry upstream materials and other supporting industries will meet explosive growth.

Displaysearch according to market research firm predicted that by 2015 the global FPD (flat panel display) industry output will reach 148 billion U.S. dollars, shipping area will account for 98% of all display devices, including TFT-LCD panel production value will reach $ 133.7 billion, accounting for FPD industry 91%. Currently, the world is the expansion or the preparation of the flat panel display production line is mainly concentrated in the high-generation TFT-LCD and AMOLED (active matrix organic light-emitting diode panel) production line, its production line depreciation period were more than 10 years, but the AMOLED production line scale relatively still very small, which determines the next decade, TFT LCD display is still dominated by 2020 will remain the major TFT-LCD display technology.

Studies have shown, TFT-LCD with high profitability of upstream materials of high value-added features. TFT-LCD industry has a well-known theory is called the smiling curve. Smile curve ends up in the industrial chain, reflected in high value-added part of the ends, that is material supply and sales, gross margin up to 50%. Manufacturing value added in the middle part of the minimum gross profit -25% to 30%, and get the lowest value-added, industrial cyclical fluctuations. Therefore, TFT-LCD industry chain profitability, the glass substrate, LCD, backlight and other upstream materials company has significant high-margin value-added features.

Survey shows that since 2009, China entered a large-size TFT-LCD panel of investment peak. In 2009 alone investment or proposed investment in LCD panel production line as many as seven, to invest in companies with BOE, IVO, CLP Panda, TCL, Skyworth, LGD, Samsung and others. We expect the panel and the end products as China's rapid development and expansion of materials supporting the upstream industry will usher in the explosive growth opportunities.

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