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Out CCFL LED backlit LCDs advantages
2011-11-07 by seoer1

LED-backlit LCD module has become a buzzword and LCD TV. As with LED backlight LCD monitors and LCD TVs tend to have relatively higher price, many users will be seen as a high-end models. However, many users still do not know the meaning and advantages of LED backlighting, then, we proceed from the concept of LED backlight, what good about it now!

The composition of the LCD panel

From the LCD panel structure, we can see the LCD panel LCD imaging principle mainly by the molecular refraction of light to backlight showing a different color, liquid crystal molecules themselves can not be light, mainly through the back light source of exposure to achieve , while the ordinary liquid crystal display or LCD TV using a cold cathode ray tube, that is, we often say of CCFL (works similar to fluorescent tubes), while the LED backlight is a way to replace the traditional CCFL backlight new.

And compared to CCFL backlighting, LED backlight What good is it? First let us understand the classification under the LED backlight. The current LED white LED backlight is divided into two categories and three-color LED, from the figure above, we see the LED backlight is very uniform distribution of light, while the CCFL backlight tubes or U-shaped bar usually, no matter what shape, relative to their distribution in terms of LED backlighting is not very uniform, so the LED backlight with light more uniform characteristics.

In addition, the life of ordinary CCFL backlight is 50,000 hours, LED life is more than 100,000 hours. Therefore, the use of LED backlight LCD monitors or LCD TVs in use longer, the backlight brightness decay better than the CCFL backlight.

In addition to life in luminous uniformity and take advantage of outside, LED backlighting is also more conducive to environmental protection. We all know that the use of fluorescent tubes usually will contain "Mercury" this toxic substance, but CCFL backlight and fluorescent light tubes is basically the same principle, it also contains the "Mercury" and other harmful substances. The LED backlight will not contain these harmful substances.

In addition to non-hazardous substances, LED backlighting is more energy savings. AOC introduced to the use of white LED backlit 21.6 in. widescreen LCD V22, its default state, the power consumption of only 24.2W, while the power consumption of similar models using CCFL is generally around 40W, so the LED backlight is more conducive to saving energy .

Based on the characteristics of low power LED backlight, a growing number of notebook computers use the LED backlight, which emphasizes mobility of notebook computers, the use of LED backlighting can increase the life time, greatly facilitate the business user.

White LED and general terms in the color gamut CCFL roughly the same. General use of white LED LCD color values ??are 72 percent. The use of three-color LED is able to significantly increase the color gamut. ViewSonic launched VLED221wm as the color values ??as high as 118%. Although the traditional CCFL backlight phosphor powder by adding special substances to improve color gamut, but usually only raise the highest color gamut to 108%, and not the tri-color LED backlight to compete.

Although the three-color LED backlight display device can increase the color gamut, but its cost is relatively much higher in terms of white LED, so we see that the tri-color LED or LCD TVs color TFT LCD module have a higher price, which is three-color LED backlight current popular reason not to be.

See here, I believe we have the significance and advantages of LED backlighting have a general understanding, I believe that as technology continues to improve, LED backlight costs will be well controlled, and thus truly universal.

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