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IPS must be the standard Professional displays great misunderstanding of N
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In all walks of life, "professional" word in people's eyes became very sacred sense of the word, as long as a thing or a product branded "professional" in the title, representing a certain extent has a very high quality or is a very good performance. Such as professional SLR camera with professional quality shots of the overall effect, would certainly be an ordinary digital camera card is much better; compared to ordinary shoes, a pair of professional sports shoes will definitely give people the strength to play better. For display products, professional-grade monitor is usually because the price is about ten times higher, and the use of a more high-quality LCD panel, and therefore aroused the curiosity of many ordinary users and professional display in people's minds have been set from a "sacred" image.

Precisely because of this "tall" image, even if the price of professional-grade display can be very expensive, but there are still enthusiasts were competing to buy experience, but the hands get used in real time, you found a lot of problems, such as : price of a five-digit display why response time is so high, the screen trailing phenomenon is very serious; or design is too rigid, not equipped with HDMI and other interfaces, etc., so he began to vent their grievances, after all, consumers It took nearly ten times the extra ordinary displays price, but the experience is likely to get worse than before, it is no wonder that these users at the Forum "furious" the.

Many consumers, professional-grade display is regarded as a "fetish"

In fact, professional monitors, we are still a lot of misunderstanding, mainly because of the "professional" understanding of the concept was too narrow. We usually understand the "professional" field is the high-end graphic design, animation, image processing, etc., relatively more emphasis on the performance of static color. But in fact, "professional" is divided into many areas, these are just one of many professional, in addition to medical, security monitoring, cashier, bank ATM machines, etc. are "professional" category. Here we sum up all the most prone to errors, monitor and analyze why such a design professional.
misunderstood one: professional IPS panel monitor must be

IPS, PVA and MVA panels, etc. With a wide viewing angle and better color reliability and provide a broader perspective, many people think that expensive professional-grade LCD panel must be used this type of high-end, but it is not.

Taking into account privacy and security, ATM machine in the display can be wide viewing angle panel can not be used

In the above, we have already mentioned the "professional" category is not just for graphic design users, there are many professional displays used in many other industries, such as bank ATM machine in the display is the case. In order to protect user privacy and security, such products must display a very narrow perspective required to do so similar to such a wide viewing angle IPS panel is obviously not suitable for use in such products.

Monitoring for commercial or high-resolution display with emphasis on clarity and color has nothing to do with the viewing angle

In addition, for some applications in the commercial display or small-size LCD monitor in terms of security, because users do not need color display has a very good performance and large viewing angle, so these products will give priority to cost more low, lower power and shorter response time TN panels. The needs of these users is to emphasize the display of high resolution and clarity, and for a long time stability of continuous use, and these features have no correlation with wide viewing angle panel. Therefore, according to the actual display area of ??expertise and the needs of different users, divided into many types, not every customer's needs are exactly the same field, such as natural IPS wide viewing angle panel display is not a professional standard.
Misconception two: professional monitor performance parameters must be good

If you search Zhongguancun online display portfolio of products you can see some of the Eizo, NEC and other top professional display products and did not stand out in performance parameters, the opposite may also display than the average consumer desktop more "weak" some, so many users started dissatisfaction: these prices on a million things that is not how Well, not as I one thousand display is good! But the result is really the case?

Product Name Eizo ColorEdge CG243W Samsung S24A350H
Product type wide viewing angle display LED display
Audio and video entertainment product positioning design graphics
Screen size 24.1 inches 24 inches
16:10 screen ratio (widescreen) 16:9 (widescreen)
Best resolution 1920x1200 1920x1080
Panel Type IPS TN
Backlight CCFL backlight LED backlight
1000:1 Contrast Ratio 850:1
Response time of 13ms 5ms
Brightness 270cd / ㎡ 250cd / ㎡
Viewing angle 178/178 ° 176/170 °
98% 72% color gamut
Video Interface DVI-I, Displayport D-Sub (VGA), HDMI

Only from the performance parameters, we can see that as a price of over ten professional-grade LCD module manufacturer monitors, EIZO CG243W In addition to the NTSC color gamut has advantages, in contrast, brightness, response time, so even not as good as the Samsung consumer monitor S24A350H, Moreover, the difference between the two worth ten times, but the results we can imagine, the former color reliability and reduction in the accuracy point of view, is far stronger than the latter.

Professional-grade display accurate color reproduction was significantly higher than a grade, but not by the performance parameters

Here we most often say "color reproduction accuracy" to for example, the show is that we often say "WYSIWYG" capability, the industry usually "ΔE" value that the smaller its value, representing the color restore the more accurate. The above table can be used as reference, professional-grade display ΔE value is usually below 3, meaning that the basic human eye can not distinguish this error, while the average consumer normally display values ??between 6 to 8, human eye can distinguish the . The ΔE value on display only through specialized equipment to test out, and monitor many indicators, is not only to show through the performance parameters. It is precisely because of this special display products, but also to many users do not understand professional display in the end "good" where it is.

Image processing of the user to emphasize that the performance of static images, so the response time is not the focus of study

For many users of the "despised" the response time issues, such areas of professional graphics monitor is dumb to eat in silence. This is the main emphasis of the static part of the user's screen performance capabilities, such as the reliability of color and grayscale accuracy of their work environment is done in a static picture, so the display manufacturers in the IC circuit set-up and fully optimized for static , will not consider the dynamic picture, after all, is not sold to such displays the user's game. If adding an overdrive technology, it will still affect the performance of the gray-scale images, so professional graphics display is usually very long response time, 25ms is a very common thing. So, what to spend million to buy the professional monitor used to play CS players, can be said to throw good money after bad ah!

Misunderstanding number three: professional must be wide gamut monitor?

In addition to PVA, IPS, MVA wide viewing angle panel such, there are many users mistakenly believe that professional-grade monitor is sure to be wide. Wide color gamut is a double-edged sword, if not properly controlled, it is prone to overflow color performance, reduction is not accurate. But for professional graphics displays, the company has been able to control this, but for different areas of expertise, using the color TFT LCD module monitor does not need to support each product must be "wide gamut" feature.

Medical grade professional monitors usually do not need too much the value of the NTSC color gamut, grayscale capability is the key

Where the medical displays, for example, display manufacturers hope to see a doctor only through X-ray monitor, instead of traditional film, which means that these products do not display too wide color gamut, but the ability of the gray scale particularly important, because if performance is not strong, you can not clearly show the breast cell disease and other important information, this will be the doctor's diagnosis of great trouble.

In order to increase the performance of gray-scale capability, number of medical monitors can only display black and white

Some readers may have the opportunity to see some of the hospital monitors can only display black and white, this does not mean that their equipment is too old, but its tailor-made for the medical industry, and its grayscale performance is outstanding ability and accuracy , and rounding the other color. The professional display relatively more "extreme", it is for a single user group. The consumer monitor is usually more consideration to the public a variety of applications such as online chat, office text, video game, and so on.

D-Sub ports with a professional display rare

misunderstood 4: Professional display interface must be more?

For high-end consumer-level displays, the number of its video interface must be very rich, is designed to simultaneously connect multiple devices to meet user needs. The professional-grade display of user groups is very simple, so its interface is much less, its purpose is not to save costs. Before the professional monitor with DVI connector only, higher bandwidth in recent years began to join the DisplayPort interface, and D-Sub ports are very rare, because very few professional groups will be used to this interface.

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