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What is the liquid crystal display module
2011-09-20 by seoer1

LCD module is a liquid crystal display devices to connect parts, integrated circuit, PCB circuit board, backlight, the structure of the components assembled together. English name is "LCDModule", referred to as the "LCM", Chinese generally known as "liquid crystal OLED display module." In fact, it is a commercial component. According to China's national standards: the integration of only the non-split components are called "modules" can be split called "component." So the specification is called should be called "liquid crystal display components." However, due to a long time people have used to call "modules."

Liquid crystal display device is a high-tech base components, although the application had very wide, but for many people, the use of, the assembly still find it difficult. Particular pieces of dot matrix liquid crystal display, the user will feel it is impossible to start. Special connections and special equipment is needed to understand and have a non-human person, therefore liquid crystal display device, users want someone to do it, the liquid crystal display and control, driver ICs mounted together to form a functional unit, the user simply traditional craft can be assembled into a whole system.

Broadly speaking, all the liquid crystal display devices and integrated circuit components are assembled together in a "module", but in fact we usually call "modules" mainly refers to the dot matrix liquid crystal display of dot matrix liquid crystal display module assembly, particularly since the dot-matrix liquid crystal display products in addition to large quantities of some dedicated some species (such as translation, communications with), the manufacturer is a direct supply of liquid crystal display to users, almost all general-purpose dot-matrix liquid crystal display devices are available to users after processing into modules, so it is easy to form "LCD module" is the "dot-matrix LCD module" misunderstanding.

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