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High-end or ahead Wide color gamut LCD why abandoned
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Years after the response time and dynamic contrast ratio of the two "war", the Character display modulesvendors opened the curtain wide gamut of war. As opposed to "good color", "excellent picture" This virtual words more acceptable to consumers of digital expression, such as the 2ms response time, 20,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, etc., and for LCD products, the next able to quantify the number of parameters is the color values ??of natural size, so when trying to display manufacturers begin to introduce a wide gamut display two to test the water, but the market gives the answer: Although some consumers expressed a strong interest , but in the end the vast majority of users of these products did not impress the heart, eventually almost disappeared from the mainstream market.
● What is a "wide gamut" monitors?

As the wide color gamut LCD display in the mainstream market hours has been a very long time, I believe many readers just touch display products and not the concept, here we simply interpret them. "Color gamut" refers to the monitor can display colors of bright, often using "NTSC color gamut" to that. NTSC standard color of a specific area that is red, green, and blue coordinates of the triangle formed. Determine the NTSC color gamut display approach is to test the display of red, green and blue color of the actual coordinates and the coordinates of three points constitute the area of ??the triangle divided by the provisions of the triangle area of ??the NTSC standard, this result is multiplied by 100% is our common "NTSC color gamut values."

Whether ordinary CRT monitors or LCD monitors, and their values ??are in the NTSC color gamut of about 72% (before many users mistakenly think that CRT monitors can achieve at least 100% NTSC color gamut, but after our tests, this conclusion is wrong ), we usually value the NTSC color gamut for more than 92% of display products called "wide color gamut display."

"NTSC color gamut," and "Number of colors" that is not the same concept, the former refers to the degree of colorful, while the latter determines the number of colors, we often see the "8bit" or "16.7M color" refers to color number, color number, the more representative of the color transition smoother, but it does not mean that the color will be more vivid, and vice versa.
● "price" is not the culprit

When a new technology with a new idea or product listing, if the poor market performance, it is often the reason is "the price is too high, not conducive to the spread." But in fact in early 2008, the TN wide gamut LCD panel LG L227WT prices are not difficult to be accepted by all, the market price of 2,899 yuan, although it seems the price is high, but in 2008 the overall price of LCD monitors higher prices, more than 2899 yuan only 22 widescreen LCD high-end price higher than 200 to 300 yuan, it seemed at the time, L227WT's price is not particularly exaggerated.

As for the other wide gamut monitors on the market, although the Dell 2408WFP ViewSonic VLED221wm and the price as high as 4,000 yuan, but the former used the "avant garde" of the 3-color LED backlight, while the latter uses a high-cost 24-inch S- PVA wide viewing angle panel, so the high prices are not simply due to "wide gamut" caused.
In addition to these models, the market there are some wide color gamut LCD monitor prices are not expensive, such as the MAG has launched a 22-inch widescreen LCD WS223D, its value to support the NTSC color gamut of 100%, but prices 22 widescreen LCD with almost no general difference in price is not so wide color gamut LCD diffusion, its own technical limitations is the key impediment to development.

● obstacles to a wide color gamut - technology is limited, the user experience affected

IT products are now more emphasis on "user experience." For China LCD module , the user experience is reflected in the display colors more reliability and display areas. After our previous test, found in colorful wide color gamut monitors do have a degree of obvious advantages, here's a picture you can clearly reflected.
From a technical point of view, the wide gamut display high color saturation, so the color reproduction accuracy of the IC chip to control the difficulty will be greatly enhanced. Such as the Eizo, NEC and other prices in the million or more of professional-grade display can rely on their own strong technical strength to develop a powerful and accurate IC chips to the color shown, but for the ordinary consumer display products is not because of cost considerations will add a similar "palette" This technology, so the final picture would be more exaggerated and bright colors, high precision color for users is of course unacceptable, and many consumers are unwilling to see such a long time some "awkward" color, color of the user experience and reliability have been some impact.
● obstacles to a wide color gamut - LED backlight technology, "reject" wide color gamut

Wide color gamut is not very difficult technology, the backlight only need to do some "hands", such as adding phosphorus powder material to achieve wide color gamut of the effect, or is used as the ViewSonic VLED221wm as tri-color dot matrix LED backlight the source. In CCFL backlight time, as manufacturers will adopt the former approach, but two years ago became fully converted to liquid crystal display backlight white LED wide color gamut to achieve after the cost of greatly increased. From the current LED backlight product point of view, no upstream module manufacturers producing properties with wide color gamut backlight white LED products, which is the ViewSonic VLED221wm was halted, the last three years there is no wide color gamut LED backlit LCD display the main reason. We can see that even the price of the yuan's professional-grade display, which is still used in CCFL backlights. Hence the popularity of white LED backlight wide color gamut technology is out of the mainstream market, one important reason.
● The end-result of a wide color gamut - high-end professional market positioning

From the current major display manufacturers to master the technical point of view, a truly "master" wide color gamut technology, more vivid colors in the display, while the color output to ensure the accuracy of the manufacturers are not many, and most expensive type of display products, Therefore, wide color gamut technology used in high-end professional market more appropriate. And above, we also analyzed the low-end consumer-level wide gamut monitors prone to the phenomenon of color cast, and display their own work is to provide users the most accurate, reliable color, wide color gamut technology, so not for the mainstream consumer market in. In this market, with low-cost wide viewing angle panel display appears, even the NTSC color gamut values ??remain at 72%, can also provide consumers with reliable color, high-end professional market should be the most wide color gamut technology good destination.

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