Display Size
2011-09-21 by seoer

CRT monitors CRT diagonal size refers to size. Maximum viewing area is the display can display graphics to the maximum extent. The size of tube the length of the diagonal is usually measured in units of inches (1 inch = 2.54cm), commonly a 15-inch, 17 inch, 19-inch, 20 inch. Tsingtek display  area will be smaller than the size of the display tube. Display area with the length and height of the product to represent, people usually have a screen diagonal length of the visible part of that. 15-inch monitor's viewing area 13.8 inches, 17-inch viewable area mostly in the 15 to 16 inches, 19-inch viewable area of 18 inches inches.

STN display size is the diagonal size LCD panels to inch unit (1 inch = 2.54cm), now the mainstream 15-inch, 17 inch, 19 inch.

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