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Apple monitor development of the road
2011-10-11 by seoer
Apple to recall the beginning of the brand in the display area that dates back to 1984, the. This time, far earlier than many of us now seems fairly well-known and familiar with the LCD brand. Apple IIc Flat Panel Display, Apple's brand is asking the city's first display, the monitor size is very small, but it is basically half of today's launch of the ipad large. Its rectangular shape, with the current point of view sufficient "alternative."
Since then, Apple launched the brand last several CRT monitors, in addition to giving consumers in appearance to stimulate, the other features of the not highlighted. In 2000, Apple introduced the Apple Cinema Display. The 22-inch display is Apple's brand's first LCD display manufacture. Transparent exterior design, at the time but did not get more consumer recognition for the advancement of LCD monitors will slow down.
Apple's latest in LCD sales, has also been introduced in 2008 Cinema Display is a. This is Apple's first LCD with LED wide angle display, landing time and the Chinese market is not too long. It is a 27-inch large-screen color LCD display, uses a 16:9 screen ratio. 178/178 ° viewing angle, 2560 × 1440 resolution, built-in iSight camera, microphone, speakers and 3-port USB 2.0 hub, etc. Apple designed it to be called "king" level products. However, when entering the Chinese market, up to 6700 yuan because of its expensive price, so that the attitude of Chinese consumers for its more just to stay in the verbal praise.
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