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Maintenance and maintenance of liquid crystal displays
2011-11-10 by seoer1

Since the user had to use quite as electronic watches, cell phones, calculators and other electrical appliances for the display to the LCD, so the maintenance on the LCD screen has some experience. But the essence of your LCD modules, after all, to many, so it's maintenance, maintenance is more complicated.
First, water is liquid crystal "enemies." We all know that once the electronic form on the LCD screen or the humidity of the inlet where the digital display will become very blurred. So we should be clear, as a member of the LCD's LCD also afraid of the water, so do not let any thing with the water into the LCD. Of course, once this happens do not panic. If found in the boot just before the fog screen surface, wipe gently with a soft cloth on it, and then boot. If water has entered the LCD, it would be "roasted dried." Certainly not on fire, as long as the LCD side in warmer areas, such as table lamps, will gradually evaporate the water inside it. Now the brand manufacturers are very aware of after-sales service. LG, Philips and others have service providers throughout the country. If the screen "pan-boom" of the situation is more serious, the ordinary user or service provider called in to help as well. Because, the more moisture will seriously damage the LCD components, especially the user to power the LCD with humidity, will cause the LCD electrode corrosion, causing permanent damage. Although LCD prices, they still expensive yo, so do not act recklessly.
Second, the rational use and effective maintenance is essential to the life of the LCD. Now a big impact on the CRT LCD, CRT and some vendors publicity, LCD is good, but life is short, with not a long time, in order to mislead the customers who want to buy LCD. In fact, most of the life of the LCD than CRT not short, or even longer than it should. Of course, LCD and CRT monitors, if used for too long will be burned, but the average user is not aware of the problem nothing. Many computer users are online, for convenience, often at the same time after shutdown does not also turn off the monitor, it will seriously damage the life of the display. In general, do not make the LCD is turned on for a long time (more than 72 hours continuous), if not in time, or turn it off for good, or will it reduce the display brightness. LCD pixel is composed of many of the liquid crystal to build, over a long period of continuous use, will make crystal aging or burn. Damage occurs, that is permanent, irreparable in nature, so this issue is to be taken seriously enough. LCD in the display image and a feature that is continuous for a long time if the contents of the display of a fixed, some LCD's pixels will overheat and cause damage, which should attract attention. Of course, these consequences may sound a bit scary, but because avoiding it is very easy, so users need not worry about it. For example, when the right turn off the display (long open display, even using the CRT, it would not be a good result); Note that the screen saver is running, or just let it show white screen content; do not let display brightness is too high, and so, little things, lack of worry.
Third, we must respect the vulnerability of the COG LCD module. The more "noble" thing more "fragile", the LCD screen is no exception. Clean rag to get the block-breaking practice display for the LCD screen is simply in terms of "serious injury." In the use of cleaning agents should be careful not to spray cleaner directly to the screen, the screen where it may cause short-circuit flow. The correct approach is to glue cleaner with a soft cloth gently wipe the screen. Remember, LCD and impact resistant ability is very small, and many crystals and sensitive electrical components when subjected to impact damage, such damage, whether it is for very small CFL unit, or for the entire screen, the user, resulting in the consequences of only one pocket to buy one.
Fourth, use the LCD to have self-knowledge, whenever they do not remove it. With other electronic products, will produce the LCD's internal high voltage. LCD backlight control components of the CFL exchange for a long time after the shutdown is still possible with a voltage up to 1000V, the human body for only 36V electrical resistance, the absolute value is a danger that it may harm the human body can be like with knowledge. Therefore, never attempt to remove or change the LCD screen, this is not DIY "game" range. Even if no harm to human body, can LCD, temporary or permanent "incapacity" is inevitable. Leisure time playing in the hands of users playing with CPU, graphics card, etc., is no injury to the right, but I could not move the LCD screen yo.
Described above for the in use, the user should pay attention to their own. Of course, users can also turn to vendors strong support. In general, the well-known brands have excellent quality, but also good service support. Therefore, the ordinary liquid crystal display users should also have the easiest, most reliable and maintenance methods - choose to buy an LCD with high visibility. Whether LG or SONY, EMC, as a traditional display manufacturers, the quality is absolutely first class. Moreover, these brands are associated with an excellent level of service users in the use of such products can be truly at ease with the peace of mind, do not have too much energy for use against their own are not familiar, the maintenance work on the LCD .

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