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LED LED-backlit display OLED display differences 2
2011-09-29 by seoer1

What is OLED

Many of my friends the next generation of OLED displays technology is easy to OLED and LED or LED-backlit confused, the following editors give you some basic knowledge of the OLED. OLED is an abbreviation of the English OrganicLight-EmittingDiode, translation is known as organic light-emitting diodes or organic light emitting display. In fact this principle as early as 1936 light was discovered by people, but until 1987 Kodak introduced the double-layer OLED devices, OLED can be only as a commercial and high performance flat panel display technology and attracted attention. Currently, the world has more than 100 research units and enterprises into OLED R & D and production, including the display currently on the market giants such as Samsung, LG, Philips, Sony and other companies. Overall speaking, OLED's industry has begun, in which monochrome, multicolor and color devices has reached mass production levels, large-size full-color device is still in the research and development stage.

Many users easy to OLED and the current manufacturers are more hype associated with LED-backlit, OLED and LED backlighting is in fact a completely different LCD display panels technology. OLED is current driven itself to the organic film light, hair light for red, green, blue, and white color, can also achieve full-color effect. So that OLED is a different CRT, LED and LCD technology new light-emitting principle.

OLED is dual carrier injection type light emitting device, the light-emitting mechanism as follows: the external voltage, driven by the electron and hole injection electrode in organic materials in the compound and the release of energy, and energy transfer to the organic light-emitting material molecules, which are excited from the ground state transition to the excited state, when the excited molecule back to ground state transition radiation generated when the light phenomenon. (Tips: What is the hole? An electrically neutral atom, the positively charged protons and negatively charged electrons is equal to the number now as a less negatively charged electrons, so there will be showing a positively charged of space, this is the hole.)


Overall LED, LED backlight, OLED are three different imaging techniques. The current market in general to see the LED-backlit display or LCD TV is not actually display technology upgrading, the original can only say that a new generation. Confusion while LED backlighting for the LED is not correct.

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