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LCD liquid crystal display several technical indicators for a brief introduction
2011-08-29 by seoer

In order to enable consumers to LCD products have a clear understanding of where we have some small sense of LCD products for a simple introduction.

Size: constantly updated technology, driven by the TFT, LCD 8-inch from the past to today widely used 14-inch to 18 inches, even 23-inch LCD display has also been on the market is not a new cargo. Compared to CRT monitors, China LCD module the same size of the actual display area is bigger, of course, with different levels of applied technology, such as the future of window LCD 680LE LG's Size 16-inch display area of ​​15.7 inches, the equivalent of 17-inch CRT display in the area.
 Angle: For early LCD display, the user sitting in front of the monitor must be straight, otherwise not see the screen. This is mainly because at that time as the surface of the LCD viewing angle of the product small, slightly off the front of the screen, the screen will be eclipsed. And now the large-size LCD display, 140 degrees to 160 degrees horizontal viewing angle has become the basic indicators. Small size 15-inch or 15-inch LCD display, 120 degree viewing angle is enough to show the complete picture. Users can generally 120-degree viewing angle as the selection criteria.
Response time: Response time refers to the LCD screen from the next turn dark or from dark to clear the time. Generally speaking, the shorter the response time the better. Shorter response time, high-speed mobile users to see when the picture was not "smear" marks. According to the human eye's response time, response time, if more than 40 milliseconds, there will be motion picture hysteresis. There are already a variety of monitors response time of less than 20 milliseconds to reach the standards that the product is not in the course of basic suited to give people the perception.
Color: The color display is the CRT monitor to LCD monitor against a big advantage. Character display modules easy to reach in 1024 × 768 resolution, but also to their own needs to meet the 2.4 million pixels, red, blue and green display, which is technically a very high demand. Many products have been a breakthrough in color display, consumers can choose according to their needs.
Resolution: Resolution of all monitors one of the most important technical indicators, the higher the resolution, the better show. LCD resolution is different from CRT monitors, generally can not just adjust, and regulations set by the manufacturer, only operates at a nominal resolution mode, the LCD display in order to achieve the best results. Products currently on the market indicators are much the same in this standard, consumers can focus on it a little hard.

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