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LCD monitors and displays the difference between
2011-09-25 by seoer

LCD monitors and LCD display  the difference between:

First, the level of the LCD screen, the LCD display is used in civilian and regular LCD monitor is used is industrial grade A + high-brightness LCD screen, the backlight higher requirements than the monitor, so when the LCD monitor will be issued on the virtual display, but can not achieve good image quality;

Second, the driver is not the same program, the program is shown is not the same motherboard, monitor driver board in the main processing dynamic images better, LCD monitors are generally not as boot-up time more than eight hours, using the display board level civilian , while the LCD monitor will have the burden of 365 days work 24 hours a day, so must the professional monitoring board to ensure a high brightness / contrast / sharpness / ultra-high temperature, etc., thus reducing wear and tear of the screen . Common use long after the display if it's brightness and contrast will drop soon, affect their life. This is why most of the liquid crystal display debugging in the project just completed, can display images correctly, but after a period of continuous power will be part of the reason the screen dark.

Re-viewing angle LCD monitor can reach 178 degrees, while the ordinary liquid crystal display 178 degrees in direction can only see a blank. This is the LCD monitor and LCD display to identify a very important criteria. There is not the same between the two input signals, monitor the main video signal is input, in order to meet the requirements of front-end interface to different devices so the monitor interface to display rich than many, with BNC, VGA, RGB, HDMI, DVI, S terminal and other interfaces, to meet the requirements of different input signals, and displays the main input VGA signal, the interface is mainly VGA, S video, etc., can not meet the input requirements of the signal monitoring equipment.

Finally, the regular LCD monitor and standard LCD module in the price there is a certain gap between the professional multi-monitor use of metal shell of the General Assembly, the new A + Industrial LCD screen, professional monitoring of driver board, so the cost is much higher than the monitor, and now Many low-priced LCD monitor on the market, are in fact modified the display. 19-inch LCD monitor below 1000, that is basically another display case, and may even be using the old screen, make the majority of projects, dealers pay attention to distinguish between procurement division.

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