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The principle of monochrome LCD display
2011-11-02 by seoer1
LCD technology is poured into two columns with thin LCD display panels  flat groove between. The two slots on the plane perpendicular to each other (intersection of 90 degrees). In other words, if a north-south plane molecular arrangement, the other east-west plane molecular arrangement, which is located between two planar molecules are forced into a 90-degree turn of the state. As the molecules are arranged along the direction of light propagation, so when the light is reversed through the LCD 90 degrees. When a voltage on the LCD, the liquid crystal molecules will rotate, change the light transmittance, in order to achieve multi-grayscale display.
LCD is dependent on the polarization filter (sheet) and the light itself. Natural light in all directions is random divergence. Polarization filter is actually a series of increasingly fine parallel lines. These lines form a network, these lines are not parallel to block all light. The polarization filter coincided with the first vertical line, they are able to completely block the light that has been polarized. Only two completely parallel to the line filter, or turn to the light itself and the second polarization filter to match the light was able to penetrate.
LCD is the way two mutually perpendicular polarization filter composition, so under normal circumstances should block all attempts to penetrate the light. However, because between the two filter filled with twisted liquid crystal, so light piercing the first filter, it will be liquid crystal molecules turn 90 degrees, and finally the second filter from the piercing.
From the liquid crystal display structure, whether laptop or desktop system, using the LCD display are from different parts of the hierarchy. 3.3v LCD displayconsists of two glass composition, thickness specifications 0.7mm, 0.63mm, 0.5mm (can be thinned by physical or chemical means to achieve thinner), during which the liquid crystal containing (LC) 3 ~ 5μm uniform material interval separated. Because the liquid crystal material itself is not light, so they need extra light to the display configuration, the LCD screen on the back of a light guide plate (or even light board) and the reflective film, the main role of the light guide plate is transformed into linear light source or light source display plane perpendicular to the surface light source. The light emitted by the backlight passes through the first polarizing filter layer after layer into the liquid crystal layer. Crystal droplets in the liquid crystal layer are included in the small cell structure, one or more cells constitute a pixel on the screen. Between the glass and liquid crystal material is a transparent electrode, the electrode is divided into rows and columns, row and column intersection, by changing the voltage to change the optical state of liquid crystal, liquid crystal material acts like a small light the valve. In the liquid crystal material surrounding the control circuit and driver circuit portion. When the LCD field generated in the electrode, the liquid crystal molecules will produce distortion, which will be there through one of the rules of the refraction of light, and then through the second filter layer of the filter layer on the screen is displayed.
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