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On the big screen LCD LCD tiled display wall technology features
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LCD With inherent advantages: ultra-thin thickness, no radiation, no flicker, quickly became a hot display market, in the large-screen market to gain a considerable market share. Splicing by introducing the LCD screen itself is large and analyzes the technical characteristics of the 3.3v LCD display in the stitching on the recent technological and cost breakthroughs in the hope that the majority of users on a large screen LCD LCD tiled display walls have a certain understanding, in the purchase of the LCD When close to the large screen display wall requirements and reduce costs.

Large screen LCD screen imaging modalities splicing determines it has: full right angle, there is no CRT monitors in the so-called geometric distortion, no CRT monitors in the complex structure of the electron gun, a small volume can be done, electricity consumption is very low, zero radiation and do not flicker, etc.. These advantages make the LCD screen in a mosaic to be spread in the fastest time, but these advantages are also in all the fields on the user wants to use, but in some technical indicators, LCD liquid crystal mosaic worse than the CRT display screen such as response time, color richness, these shortcomings and make professional users on the LCD screen and CRT monitors splicing is difficult to choose between. Here we may splice the LCD display screen in the main performance indicators compared with the CRT monitor and see the difference in the end what makes the professional user the choice of the LCD monitor produced a hesitation.

Response time

For this indicator can be interpreted as the input image signal reaction speed. Is the same point in the panel above, from black to white and white becomes black from the total time. If the target is too long, then quickly switch or video image will have a "smear" phenomenon, affecting. For CRT monitors, 1ms response time is generally about, but for now, as Levin has represented Victoria NICEVIEWLCD LCD screen in terms of splicing, the early LCD in about 80ms, the LCD response time is too long to use the most headaches. However, this problem has been basically solved, and the current visual dimension NICEVIEWLCD Lay splicing screen LCD 25ms response rate is about, although there is a gap compared with CRT, watching the DVD, you need to display 33 images per second, that can be less than 30ms response time (30ms = 1000/33). As for the play action game is concerned, such as demanding QUAKEIII, if you want to be completely "smear", the screen displays the speed should be above 60 frames per second, that the response time can be less than 16.6ms (16.6ms = 1000/60). First-line display on the market vendors LG, BenQ and Samsung have launched a response time of 16ms LCD display products, but for most of the major applications for the Internet, office, data processing and image data of the users to enjoy, 25ms response time LCD products have been fully able to meet their needs. Therefore, at present, as the dimension NICEVIEWLCD Levin splicing screen LCD manufacturers are also providing support to the LCD 16ms response time, 25ms response time and support products for LCD products.
Number of colors

Color number, refers to the number of colors the display can show, the higher the index, the more abundant the screen. In addition to response time than the other affected professional users to buy a LCD monitor is an important reason may be the number of colors, and now the basic CRT monitors can display 32-bit color, that is, 232 kinds of colors, 4294967296. Early, LCD can only achieve 16-bit color, about sixty-five thousand kinds, and recent period, as technology advances LCD can display up to have about 24-bit color, some 1,600 million. If you just from the indicators, LCD is still some distance away from the CRT, but in fact speaking, $ 16 million colors also meet the needs of most applications.

Technology for enhanced color performance in R & D, LG s Kofi technology (ColoriFic) unique, Kofi technology (ColoriFic) by adjusting the applied voltage interval for the color change is more consistent, and the separation of the signal transmission, the signal to enter the LCD After the display, while continuing the process of transmission, horizontal and vertical signals are clearly separated signals to form a two-signal channel. Is separated signal is transmitted to the  LCD Manufacturer when dealing with more accurate, so the color purity and clarity to be effectively improved. In addition, Curphey technology (ColoriFic) with built-in color, brightness, contrast and sharpness combined display mode such as Office, Internet, movies, etc., for the user to easily select, and also supports a variety of printing devices WYSIWYG The true color output.

Viewing Angle

LCD screen LCD and CRT splicing there is a disadvantage compared to the big screen is tilted a certain angle if the user will not see the image on the screen. For this early use of laptop computer users must have some experience, using a laptop computer, to face the screen image is clear, if the tilt angle to a certain point will not see the screen image. Up to what point can see the screen image, this point is the viewing angle. Viewing angle can be divided into horizontal viewing angle and vertical viewing angle. For this shortcoming, LCD liquid crystal screen development company splicing also made a great effort, and now the LCD viewing angle can reach 178 degrees, in fact, actually no one to look at the screen so the angle of tilt. For professional users, the majority is always facing the screen.

As for resolution, brightness, contrast in terms of these indicators, LCD screen and CRT monitors LCD splicing is basically the same. If the LCD screen in the technical indicators splicing perfectly acceptable, and that the only consideration is price. In recent years, liquid crystal display wall is gradually moved into people s lives and work of the new display carrier. Because of its stylish, low emission, energy saving, space-saving, small gap stitching, image stabilization and clear by the majority of users. With the market launch, the price decline, so that more users have the opportunity to use this product. Therefore, the use of LCD modules LCD display screen splicing wall, all walks of life began to be promoted and applied. Now has become a large-scale exhibitions, public places, video conferencing, multi-purpose hall, television, entertainment, television monitors and other places essential to the display device.

Summary: In addition to these indicators, the selection of LCD LCD tiled display wall must be carefully selected, cool thinking, first select the brand high-profile products. Excellent brand by large-scale LCD panel plant as the background, as the LCD components the most important part of the LCD panel, has been the decision to the LCD splicing screen quality and price and other factors key, advanced and reliable panel production line in support, product natural quality and comprehensive service can be guaranteed.

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