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LCD requirements for air
2011-10-23 by seoer1
Average humidity was maintained at 30% to 80%, and the display can work, but once the indoor humidity above 80%, the monitor will produce internal condensation. Its internal power supply transformers and other coils are easy to produce leakage after wet, or even short-circuit may cause the connection. Therefore,LCD display modules monitors must pay attention to moisture, long time no
With display, power can work for some time on a regular basis, so that the heat generated when the monitor will work inside the moisture driven out.
If you find the display surface stains, can be a soft cloth moistened with a little water, gently wipe, do not sprinkle water directly to the display surface, the water into the 3.3v LCD display screen will lead to short-circuit. Now there are special LCD cleaner can be purchased.
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