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Affect the display life of ten environmental factors
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When we buy a monitor, very concerned about the display resolution, bandwidth, refresh rate, color reproduction, etc., but after the purchase of its maintenance is often overlooked that monitors the reliability and life shortened.

Purchase LCD display manufacture , we are very concerned about the resolution, bandwidth, refresh rate, color reproduction, etc., but after the purchase but often overlooked maintenance, which monitors the reliability and life shortened. According to statistics, 50% of display failure due to poor environmental conditions caused by, 30% were due to improper operation or the mismanagement of the real component because of poor quality or damage to the natural aging of the fault only 20%. Thus, environmental conditions and human factors are the main cause display failure. Therefore, the user must understand and master the knowledge of the display of the general maintenance and repair methods.

1 temperature

Adaptation to temperature display, CRT in the 10 ~ 35 ℃, the LCD display in the 0 ~ 40 ℃ (with reference to their specific product instructions).

When the ambient temperature is too low, CRT's internal cover plate by cold deformation Meng leaving irregular screen color deflection circuits or deformation, resulting in movement of the magnetic field appear blurry or ghosting. In addition, each electronic component has its work environment parameters. When the ambient temperature is too low, it may be an image jitter, distortion and other faults. CMV CMV-1502 LCD working environment temperature 5 ~ 35 ℃, if the work environment when the temperature is below 5 ℃, no display will often be mistaken for a display failure.

Special note: When a monitor is just the outdoor temperature is below 0 ℃ into the interior, we must not immediately power. Need to wait one hour or longer, so that display the same temperature and the indoor temperature plus power, power to prevent the immediate cause tube burst.

Ambient temperature is too high, the heat generated by the display circuit itself is not easy to diverge out, could easily lead to poor heat dissipation, thermal breakdown occurs circuit elements caused damage to the display.

2 humidity

Display normal humidity of 30% to 80%. Humidity is too large, easy to damage caused by high-pressure discharge FBT or other components. At the same time, the display of the circuit elements in a humid environment can easily damage or leakage. If the resulting condensation, water droplets will cause a short circuit, resulting in greater damage. Humidity is too dry, prone to static electricity, causing electric shock phenomenon, human injury or damage to the circuit.

3 dust

Monitor the internal pressure in the anode 20kV ~ 30kV, easily attract dust in the air. When the monitor is placed in the dust or dusty environments, the high-pressure adsorption accumulation of dust on the circuit board, resulting in poor display heat damage to circuit components may also be due to dust in the air to absorb moisture and cause the value of the circuit components as or short circuit and cause malfunctions. Meanwhile, CRT screens will attract dust due to high pressure and decrease the brightness, the user will unconsciously turn up the brightness of the display, resulting in premature aging CRT. For mills, cement plants, coal dust and other large units, computers and other peripherals should pay attention to the dust.

To effectively prevent dust hazards, ensure that the 3.3v LCD display in a relatively clean environment, should be dedicated to the monitor to buy a dust cover, cast each time after use (be careful not to cast immediately after the shutdown, because the display in the shutdown take some time to heat).

4 light

Display screen must not be subject to direct sunlight or other bright light, otherwise it will accelerate the aging CRT phosphor. In addition, light exposure, the user's eyes fatigue, will reduce efficiency.

5 air

Display can not be placed on acidic, corrosive, high levels of gas and other gases in the environment, otherwise it will cause the surface of the CRT and anti-static coating off premature aging and damage to the circuit elements. For paint, solvent factory, chemical plants, etc., to pay attention to the protection of the monitor and other computer peripherals. We often use gas (including coal stove produced) is the enemy of household appliances, so the appliance must be avoided in such environments.

6 the magnetic field

CRT display is controlled by its own magnetic field generated by the control circuit electron bombardment CRT phosphor and restore the surface of the image. If you have additional magnetic interference or superposition, it will produce images can not be properly restored, the image shakes, color, tilt. When used as a monitor facing east, because the display is factory adjusted for the Orient, and this could make the display by the Earth's magnetic field minimum.

Computer away from magnetic fields, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines and other easy to produce magnetic fields of household appliances.

7 Power

Monitor the AC voltage is generally 100 ~ 240V. When used, must be good contact, you should use to provide more than 5A current outlet.

Can not display TV, refrigerators, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, stereo and other appliances with high power or a strong magnetic field used. Note: Do not use an ordinary computer must not magnetically shielded speakers, or very vulnerable to monitor the magnetization.

8 placed on platform

Monitors and other peripherals should be placed on a stable work platform without shaking to avoid accidental damage.

9 back-up power

In order to use your normal accidental damage and to avoid the display, able to do so to your computer with UPS backup power.

10 Altitude

Monitor the use of instructions, generally referred to the altitude, not to exceed 10,000 feet (about 3000 meters). As a plain user can not worry about this problem, but if the words used in the Tibetan Plateau will need to consider this issue.

Note: If your monitor is in special circumstances, such as high temperature, humidity, magnetic, low temperature use, or used in high altitude areas, please use the professional display. Otherwise, the normal display will not work.

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