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The product is really good top five tips for buy liquid crystal display
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The product is really good top five tips for buy 16ⅹ2 LCD module

"Hope for a long time, finally looked forward to summer vacation." Studying Zhang Kai, Department of Computer Science University (a pseudonym) had just finished exams, it is intended to a nearby city to the most popular computer Taobao. Although only a sophomore, Zhang Kai, is a "Zanji" master of the brightest DIY brand well-known, still operating from within the school "installed services" - some students to be installed whenever the computer, are looking for him to help, professional background he is bored. This does not, the summer hot season has arrived, dazzling colors and promotions, hereby to the next class a few friends that he "learn."
"Summer to buy LCD, not only have plenty of time to buy the products to their own satisfaction, but also the way the strength of the major brands to make a comprehensive understanding of, and then get a Heart, practical promotional gift, can serve three purposes." Zhang Kay believes that "of course, low cost, can be good is really good quality product on the market today not only the rapid advance of new brands in design, technology, services and so on are word of mouth, and as the summer s highly competitive market, price and more approachable. to the price of second-tier brands can buy high-quality LCD brands, why not? "To this end, Zhang Kai, to teach the students purchase the five tips.

Strength of the brand of choice is the key to testify

"Brand is our first consideration should be given the elements!" Brands have their own R & D patents, integrated supply chain system and mature marketing model, the ability to master the market more than the second-tier brands. Zhang Kai, the students choose LCD, should be preferred first-line brand, BenQ, Samsung, Philips, ViewSonic in the marketplace are terrific, including BenQ in the student population in higher recognition. "BenQ not only has the advantages of innovative technology and local manufacturing, a global leader in the design, such as Milan, FP785, butterfly FP783, Aibo FP72V been awarded the International Design Award of the LCD, the original aesthetic ideas into technology products in the cold, full of personality, it is recommended to the students, they all feel unique face. "

Search on media reports can also be found, BenQ 2005 annual sales growth of 300%, and as early as March this year, monthly sales of LCD exceed 10 million units. The "Zhongguancun Online" website recently released LCD monitor brand awareness in the list, BenQ s attention pulled in one fell swoop the proportion to 14.2%, ranking second. Visible brands favored by the market long-term stability, trust worthy friends of students.

Advantage of panel manufacturers carefully compared

In the composition of all components in the liquid crystal display panel of the most important, the cost often occupies two-thirds of the  LCD modules But the LCD panel production process is very high, there are a few bad points more than brand-name panel, uneven brightness, short life and other issues, students and friends and sometimes more concerned about "cheap", while ignoring the selection panel, is likely due to couple of hundred dollars cheaper, to give up high-quality panel.
Summer for many LCD manufacturers of "prime time", some of the second and third tier brands have a price advantage in the summer, will purchase some non-mainstream brands of panels. Zhang Kai proposed procurement must not be "cheap" are confused, the best panel in advance of each brand to have a comprehensive understanding of the supplier.

At present, such as BenQ, Samsung and other brands have a stable, reliable panel suppliers. BenQ Group companies backed by one of the world s top three LCD manufacturer AU Optronics, long-term supply of high-quality panel. "According to DisplaySearch statistics, AUO merged with Quanta Display set up after the new AUO panel shipments in the first quarter, located in the world. By contrast, BenQ LCD also launched premium products, top quality and the price moderate LCD natural choice for our students. "Zhang Kai, look forward to.

Clear practical purposes is the last word

"I want to buy LCD, it is best to gray response time, a variety of input interfaces, ultra-high brightness of 700 lumens or more ... ... I often have students come to help him buy a LCD, have made such a request." Zhang Kai, stressed that " blindly to the high specification, high performance as the reference standard, the results stroll around down there does not seem to meet the requirements of each brand. LCD is good or bad, a reference standard is not a  super  or  high , but right or not. "

Must first clear purpose: I bought LCD What is the role? If only to meet the general learning, entertainment needs, good performance specifications if not a long time, somewhat unfortunately, the response time of liquid crystal size and size parameters of the students choose a major. "Response time, 8ms is now fully entered the era, BenQ and ViewSonic are the two brands to accomplish something. Size 17-inch LCD is still the mainstream LCD monitor, 19 inch and 20 inch models have become popular." Zhang Kai recommended BenQ has a DVI port of entry models, the new surfing series FP72E/FP92E-- unique dynamic outline surfboard arc shape; 8ms response time speed black and white, regardless of video or game, can accelerate the "event horizon surfing." June 30 to July 31 to buy, just add another 29 yuan will be eligible for a value of 99, cool fashion summer beach chairs. Just think, lazy beach chair to sit on the crest of the tide if you can hear the sound, smell the taste of moist sea breeze, a pleasant good enjoy!

Of course, such as Zhang Kai, this "game crazy" in the hope the price and the ultimate pursuit of balance between the effects of the screen: "BenQ Superman series FP73G/FP93G, with black and white beyond the mainstream specification 6ms response time, beyond the mainstream configuration of DVI / Dual D-Sub signal inputs, beyond the mainstream design of 12/13mm very narrow black border and classic pure, form or fashion, whether technical indicators are  wins inferior  to play 3D games, watch movies, can enjoy a theater-like visual effects! "buy now Superman Superman series also comes with a doll, so you learn Superman, Superman work, entertainment, triple incarnations of Superman between ease.

Learning to see e-books, check the internet, download important documents, to complete classroom tasks, entertainment watching DVD movies, Flash animation, on the forums, chat with friends, BenQ has more than two series of extraordinary LCD performance. Whether surfing machine or superhuman machine, all through the strict TCO 03 safety certification, and the green lead-free products meet the EU standard GP. Practical, health, environmental protection, Zhang Kai, feel a good deal.

Happy one-step fashion widescreen

"The economic strength of the students, widescreen LCD worth recommending!" Some of the design, art students on the screen ratio, color processing, graphics performance with special requirements. Zhang Kai recommended widescreen: "16:10  golden section  ratio in the audio and video in a more visual impact, in fact, generally widescreen movie screen standards; in their daily study, two wide-screen to help you complete web pages while browsing, open two windows side by side in A4 Word format, or to edit two color pictures side by side ... ... All this has made a broader perspective! "

"Have a widescreen LCD, the quarters of the students are happy, watch the game together, with McCain winning or losing, this summer is really exciting." Coincided with the BenQ Shucu, June 30 to July 31, where to buy BenQ Widescreen Series LCD Monitor, available in 32 cities of 81 BenQ shopping vouchers designated distribution points to get a surprise "scratch", scrapings award winning rate of up to 100%! Prizes include: 20 value of 1280 yuan Edifier S5.1M speakers, 50 value of 588 yuan of Panasonic DVD, 150 个 CSTV TV boxes, game 200 Saitek R220 steering wheel, 1000 LCD color care package, there are five yuan a minimum cash prizes!

For the summer market, BenQ, Samsung, ViewSonic and other brands have launched a series of widescreen masterpiece, BenQ 19 inch LCD FP92W, 20-inch LCD FP202W has a good performance. Both widescreen has a simple style, wide base, and the clever design of the OSD buttons side, look professional and the atmosphere. FP92W speed black and white with 5ms response time and DVI digital interfaces, the other 2000 yuan-class products are not available; while using BenQ FP202W original "Senseye color display technology", so that the image colors more vivid. In addition, two LCD brightness, contrast, resolution and other performance aspects are best for student groups to use.

In addition to these four elements, "service" can not be ignored. "As the saying goes: not afraid of ten thousand, afraid of the event, students must pay attention to when purchasing LCD major brands of services, such as whether the relevant services in line with national policy, whether in the country with regular service points, for different types of products have phase corresponding to the duration of the warranty. "In short, Zhang Kai s election brand than panel, that the use, pick widescreen, watch the summer to buy the five service tips, which made the students enlightened. Green campus, Zhang Kai, who would like to find more wishful LCD, accompanied by his summer spent a very colorful!

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