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Interpretation of 3D display product manager for Samsungs future development trend
2011-10-07 by seoer1

3D display is the LCD supplier in 2011 one of the most popular keywords. Recently, the honor to interview the product manager for Samsung monitors Wang Qingyang, to share with you the future of 3D display industry trends. We start with the 3D technology perspective, the different 3D implementation, its not the same core technology, the shutter-style 3D alone, through high 120Hz refresh rate, the 3D image signal is processed for the two eyes were provide full HD image technology, is the core part. Currently, Samsung mastered all the display end 3D technology, is the only one currently on the market can not rely on any host computer and external software vendors can achieve 3D effects. Samsung's 3D R & D future direction is to provide a more complete and comprehensive 3D solution, allowing users to have more realistic 3D experience, richer 3D resources.

Samsung 3D display positioning in the consumer, but also mainly located in the fashionable crowd, including B2C, gamers, computer enthusiasts, high-end elite, etc.; but in the long run, professional business market, there are many opportunities, but because the market characteristics decision, it's acceptance of new products and technologies will have a lag, the need for more publicity and development.

We can say that Samsung 3D display is the compatibility of the best in the market. Compared to other 3D displays are used to match the NVIDIA 3D active shutter display program, Samsung 3D display any graphics can achieve 3D effects, one-touch hardware 2D to 3D. Also, built-in 3D transmitter. It is not only compatible with Samsung brand products, also including all other electronics products of various brands, such as Blu-ray players, game consoles, digital cameras, digital cameras and so on. It does not depend on a particular brand of graphics card, do not rely on PC computer, you can not rely on 3D software, 3D images can be achieved are the results.

Second, Samsung chose the professional serial LCD display ultra-clear black crystal instead of PVA or PLS panel panel. First, 3D perspective itself is a certain limit, after more than this angle will not be able to see the 3D effect, the shutter-type 3D, this 3D viewing angle up to 170/160 degrees, much higher than only a few dozen degree of polarizing style 3D program. So the usual sense of the wide viewing angle panel, to enhance the 3D effect display is not big help. Meanwhile, the cost issue has been the direction of our efforts, but the Samsung monitor to reduce the cost of the principle is the need to ensure that the user experience does not fall under the premise, in this regard, we have to adhere to their own bottom line.

In addition, production from research and development, Tianjin Samsung Samsung monitors have been developed in the favorable protection. Samsung R & D center in Tianjin from the production, mainly to supply China, but also supply to other countries, Samsung is the world display uphold uniform high quality standards. From R & D, Samsung monitors in the country has its own R & D, have the ability to combine the needs of the Chinese market, the development of localized products more popular.

Finally, the naked eye 3D is a 3D technology trends, we are also close attention, while Samsung is also actively carry out technical reserves. Naked eye, but given the current 3D effect of the product's user experience is not very satisfactory, we need to wait until the technology is mature, the further the market to deliver relevant products.

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