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Do not worry solve the problem notebook external monitor N
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Laptop external display becomes a trend

Relative to the desktop, laptop portability and energy saving has a large advantage, with the performance of laptop computers continue to increase, but their prices are gradually reduced, so more and more business user or student Laptop users will be as their first choice. As the laptop screen size is relatively small, so a lot of consumers have an external LCD displays to increase the efficiency of work and study.
In addition to increasing productivity, the notebook external display also has many advantages. Now, an external monitor with a laptop has become a trend.

Laptop external monitor can improve work efficiency

Recently, we display the forum in the ZOL also see a lot of users also use a laptop external display means, and they also released a number of related operations, external dual description of the process and show results for the majority of users provide a reference.

Forum Notebook users upload photos related to external monitor

As an external monitor for dual use of laptop users who operate more and more, many users will encounter many problems in the external, such as connecting the monitor, the display no picture, etc., we often see the forum users can post similar posts.

Users in a number of problems encountered when using

There are a lot of people will usually use a variety of problems encountered. This article, we will list the users in the use of laptop external monitor several of the most common problem, and they solve them.

● one common problem - not only on the monitor display

Now many laptop computers preloaded with Windows Vista operating system, but because of Vista more system resources, so many users of its own operating system "upgrade" to Windows XP. But after re-install XP system, many users found it impossible to achieve "only displayed on the LCD screen" feature of the phenomenon, in addition, connected to the monitor, the system silently.

Windows Vista has many features, but also more hardware resources occupied by

External LCD monitor via a laptop computer is usually divided into three modes: only on the display screen; laptop or 128ⅹ64 LCD module screen as an extended screen; laptop screen and monitor screen display the same content. However, many users install Windows XP, and not related to graphics drivers installed, the system only comes with graphics card driver. In the XP system, and there is not much choice options for the external mode.

Windows XP system to adjust the external mode interface

If only XP's external mode adjustment tool, we can only choose to see the desktop extended desktop and copy these two options, to achieve "only appears on the monitor screen" function, can only install the latest graphics cards the driver.

Windows Vista provides a complete adjustment tool

In the Windows Vista operating system, even if the user use the system comes with the graphics driver, but also through Vista comes with three external functions to achieve the conversion of the external mode.

Graphics driver settings to provide a more convenient

Since the vast majority of users still using Windows XP, so we recommend that users install the appropriate graphics driver, the driver will have a very detailed features, and more convenient to operate. After installing the graphics driver, "not only in the liquid crystal display display" this problem will be solved. As for the detailed setup information, please refer to the first page of this article.

Note: When installing the graphics driver, we recommend using a good stability of WHQL certified drivers. Some drivers even beta release of third-party drivers may cause a blue screen laptop external monitor, the video and so on.

Lenovo Thinkpad series notebook will provide the appropriate mode selection software

In addition to graphics drivers, the few notebooks will provide several external display mode options. Such as the Lenovo Thinkpad series notebook computers are installed in the associated control software, the operation is very convenient. However, such as Thinkpad notebook computer brands offer similar software, are few.

● The second common problem - can not display the normal resolution

An external LCD monitor, sometimes the whole process connections are very smooth, but sometimes there will be more troublesome phenomenon. If the connected monitor, unable to find the best resolution of the LCD display is one of the more difficult phenomena.

Sometimes we can not find a suitable resolution

Even if the graphics driver is installed correctly, people in the choice of "on the display only shows" this mode, are sometimes found it impossible to find the best resolution, such as the option to adjust the resolution, can not be found, such as 1440 × 900, 1680 × 1050 resolution, etc., can only adjust the resolution to 1024 × 768 such as a non-optimal resolution. In this way, the text or images on the screen can not be achieved because of the blurred point display is stretched or deformed. If you choose with great resolution, the display will show "Out of frequency range" error dialog.

In the non-optimal resolution, the screen will show the deformation

Frequent replacement of the external display users may encounter this problem. Because some of the IC circuit and liquid crystal display graphics card compatibility issues, so the first time to connect, it will appear above. At this point, usually we only need to restart the laptop, we can solve this problem

Usually restarted, it will find the best resolution of the display

Restart the notebook, we will be able to adjust the resolution to find the best resolution of the option. BenQ 24 Widescreen M2400HD as the best resolution of 1920 × 1080, the figure above, we can find the resolution option.

However, sometimes even restart the laptop, we still can not adjust to the best resolution, then re-install the graphics driver will solve the problem, but the likelihood of this phenomenon is very small. Set up a successful resolution, the operating system will automatically record the identity of this LCD monitor ID, so before making any connections, the operating system will automatically adjust, no need to restart again.

● The third common problem - get rid of the "ripple"

I believe that many consumers are using the liquid crystal display have encountered the "water wave" phenomenon. Initially, many people think that "water wave" phenomenon simply because the liquid crystal display or the graphics quality, but off caused. Many people use laptop computers in an external monitor, still encounter this phenomenon.

ZOL monitor the forum on the "water wave" phenomenon of the complaint

In a "water wave" phenomenon, many consumers in the forum to vent some, it will display to the after-sales service center, the result was told there is no LCD display quality. In fact, resulting in the display "water wave" phenomenon for many reasons, but most are not caused by the LCD display itself, is due to the quality of the video signal line or caused by exposure to very good.

Most notebook computers use a D-Sub signal cable

At present, most notebooks on the market only with the D-Sub interface, only a few models, such as some Dell XPS series, Sony VAIO FZ series and the upcoming Lenovo Thinkpad SL series notebooks equipped with HDMI interface. As the LCD through the analog D-Sub interface transfer, the more susceptible to the surrounding electromagnetic interference, especially in the use of more than 22-inch widescreen LCD monitors and other large size, the water wave phenomena will become more apparent, so choose a good quality The D-Sub signal cable is very important.

In addition, analog signals susceptible to interference, so we recommend using the monitor as far away from strong interference devices. In addition, many users in an external LCD monitor, in order to map temporary convenience, only the signal lines simple and monitors the connection and did not tighten the connector end of the screw, we recommend that users use, the interface behind the screw and the LCD monitor or laptop connectors tightened to avoid causing the screen interface to loose color or other anomalies.

● The fourth common problem - how to close the external display when the laptop lid

Many users in an external monitor, will choose "only on the display screen," this mode. In using this mode, the laptop's screen is turned off, this time, many users want the laptop lid together, so you can effectively prevent dust from entering. However, since the majority of notebook computers, after closing the lid, automatic standby, then how close the laptop lid, while the external monitor?

Close the dust cover can be effective when used

We can adjust the laptop's power supply options to solve this problem. We now demonstrate in the Windows Vista operating system how to set power options to achieve this function. First, we enter the "Control Panel", then select the "power set", we can see as shown in the interface.

Into the "Power Options"

At this time, we can see the menu on the left are a series of quick setting options, which would include a "cap off the role of choice" option (such as the red box below). Next, we click into this setting.

Close the lid of the related options

Into the fast setting, we see the red box on the map option to "close the cover," This one, select "No action", then click "Save changes", so the laptop is closed lid, the system will not enter standby state.

Can enhance notebook computers equipped with radiator cooling effect

Here to remind consumers that, due to closing the laptop lid, its cooling effect will be decreased to some extent, so if you use the laptop's own cooling performance is poor, we do not recommend that you use is close the lid because after prolonged use, laptop computers because of their temperature rise is not working properly. Therefore, this method is limited to the better thermal performance notebook computer users.

● notebook an external monitor, the errors

Now, we have a lot of ZOL editorial colleagues have used external LCD laptop work, we feel this can really increase productivity. However, we also see a lot of my colleagues, there are some uses of the errors.

This man saved the keyboard

In an external monitor, we recommend that users purchase their own separate keyboard and mouse, so in addition to placing more convenient notebook computer, but also can increase the office of comfort. However, like the figure above the students, using their own laptop keyboard not necessary, so that the overall impression is not only very uncomfortable, and notebook computers and LCD monitors will be placed under great restrictions, the use of display Size small, see the text would be more difficult.

· External display / mouse / keyboard to extend laptop life

Ultra-small liquid crystal display, while not suitable for external display
But supporting an external mouse, keyboard laptop life can be extended with the use of

In addition, many display manufacturers have introduced ultra-small liquid crystal displays, such as 15.4 inches, 15.6-inch. Although these models are not suitable for external display (laptop screen and compared to similar), but supporting an external mouse, keyboard, can be extended with the use of laptop life, so this method is also a good idea.

● Summary

With an external display using a laptop computer users increasing, many users will encounter when using a variety of problems. Although this article, we will not answer all problems, but these reactions are the most users, has a certain universality.

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