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Three-dimensional liquid crystal display works
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Because the human eye has been accustomed to daily life images Three-dimensional, so that the display contains the film, and other shows, including the screen should also be three-dimensional images, it is surprising, however, the demand for this kind of subconscious, but hinder long constraints on the technology quickly and without resistance to the acceptance of graphic images per second. In addition to digital information revolution driven multimedia society come early, but also re-ignited the medical, animation, CAD / CAM and other areas of the Three-dimensional imaging demands. In view of this article will introduce the use of liquid crystal display element produced three-dimensional imaging technology trends.

    Three-dimensional image splitter (image splitter)

SANYO is the first Japanese company engaged in the study of three-dimensional imaging technology, has launched back in 1994 without special glasses, three-dimensional image splitter, split the use of this image can be used to view three-dimensional dynamic images, basically it is based on parallax barrier (parallax barrier) first principle of the image interaction by slender columns arranged in grating after capture by the two observations, due to enter the left and right eye images for the vertical parallax barrier device is separated, causing the left and right eye captured Image produced small deviations from the final three-dimensional images through the retina as read.

Using this principle can watch the screen for those who view time as the most appropriate location, in addition to providing concept, as are about two images, the images from the front of the display area to cover the distance of the optimal region, depending on the concept of person and statement becomes a normal three-dimensional three per image. However, two adjacent line of sight at the image, will be left and right two to read in the unconscious state to capture the formation of the so-called inverse visual field, in other words three-dimensional image segmentation using this concept, as are necessary for device fixed at a certain The apparent position in order to produce three-dimensional view of visual effects.

Therefore, in order to improve the development of head loss detection system (head tracking system), using this detection system can be readily detected by the head position as the view, once the reverse, as the area of ??the monitor switch will immediately read about two of the images, this way not only can prevent the occurrence of inverse visual problems, but also can expand the Three-dimensional images of the impressive visual range.

However, the actual use of the head detection system, they found that the long narrow non-diamond interface region, resulting in concept as those who feel the subtle overlays, distortion (crosstalk) and black vertical lines (moire) concept such as the eyes of the poor and counter pain fatigue easily. In view of the system into a SANYO LCD posed by the electronic-driven movable head detection system, depending on the head if the concept moves to the interface area, the new head detection system can immediately detect, while mobile The three-dimensional image slicer openings, which means it is time to use the detector to detect, monitor Sight's head position, and the detection results feed back to the image splitter, adjustment, control on the LCD module supplier shows the left and right two images of the location, use this new technology concept can watch as a very wide range of three-dimensional image element.

The head of the electronic detection system drive liquid crystal three-dimensional view as the biggest shortcoming is the concept within the region as the distance (from the monitor screen to view as those of the distance) still exist, so the applications are very much limited. In order to shorten the distance concept and expand as applications, so development of a new generation of three per display. This new display features as:

(A). To significantly increase the three-dimensional view, as the range (three times more than in the past)

No special glasses traditional three-dimensional image display, the same horizontal direction when the small screen before and after the three-dimensional viewing area than the big screen three-dimensional visual range, this is because the perspective of the small screen is relatively small, liquid crystal display and image splitter is less prone to the so-called moire interference stripe. Using this physical phenomenon will be LCD and image splitter, split by electronic means into the exclusive control of the region 16 equal parts individual

In other words, as it can for those who view the location of the image slicer to the above position openings, and fine-tune the image within the LCD display to the most appropriate state, such as three-dimensional view both far and near, who can watch the view as to the three-dimensional element images. Three-dimensional liquid crystal display according to the top of the head detection system (stereo head track), as detected by the second element of the concept of location data (all around), while control and switch the 128ⅹ64 graphic LCDleft and right eye images, and image slicer to open Department position, three-dimensional view of the viewing area outside the view of the above as individual images were then divided control, the results shown in Figure 11 before and after the three-dimensional view of the direction of the viewing area expanded more than three times than in the past.

(B). Can effectively control the most appropriate three-dimensional view of the viewing area

Display three-dimensional view of the past, as the area outside the site prone to ripple, distortion, or reverse depending on local issues such as those caused by eye fatigue concept, difficult to watch the three-dimensional images and other issues. The new electronic image slicer and liquid crystal display, you can always view as those who monitor the situation, to maintain three-dimensional view as the most appropriate location.

(C). To display high quality images per second

Just turn off electronic-driven LCD shutter, flat panel display can be obtained and the general quality of the second element of the same image.

(D). Low cost

The new electronic image slicer and the liquid crystal display control method and structure is very simple, so it has the potential of low-cost technology.

Three-dimensional image display applications

At present three-dimensional image display is mainly used in the workstation (work station), comics, cartoons and other animation, medical uses, educational uses, and aerospace, automotive simulation teaching, game console and other fields. Such as medical uses three-dimensional endoscopy, stereoscopic microscopy, using the guidance system of the surgery, the use of CT, MRI of the medical diagnosis, visual function tests, medical education, medical training, and so on.


Although the new generation of three-dimensional display element to solve many of the shortcomings, and to substantially increase as the range of three-dimensional view, but it is also facing shortage of consumer awareness, expensive, single use only face challenges such as practical. For single use issue, which has drawn more toward the direction of planned exploration, development of multi-user stereoscopic display, in addition to the production of precision, mass production and ripple control of is one of the items to be overcome. Three-dimensional image of the expected future market will be with the software and hardware technology continues to expand, which means that at any time to master the pulse of the market, the timely provision of relevant technology becomes more important.

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