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LCD market to see rapid development of the perfect Blue Shield brand transformation
2011-10-09 by sales@tsingtek.com

As the LCD industry chain system of continuous improvement, market-led a group of companies gathered in the field. In recent years, many brand LCD product development, manufacturing, applications of industrial planning and layout, has constituted a relatively complete industry system. In the promotion of business cooperation, innovation and efficiency to improve at the same time, effectively reducing the cost of production, so many brands in the LCD display market competitiveness will increase markedly.

Although due to resource endowments, geographical differences, differences in industrial base, etc., in different parts of corporate awareness and understanding of the industry are not the same, in recent years, the country's rapid development of electronics such as monitors, but the slow development of display technology and market share of the competition problems caused by the homogenization of the product display market is particularly serious in China because of technical characteristics and parameters indicators hard to pull significant differences in product appearance design to seek a breakthrough brand has become the main direction of the majority of the display, and look now the display market, both in the design concept, or in the process selected materials, is immune to a bright color to make. Therefore, Blue Shield groundbreaking new technology research and development in the industry is still "thriving", no doubt to the dull market into a fresh and exciting.

With the popularity and wide viewing angle LED panel prices falling, consumer-grade wide angle LED display a large number of new products hit the market, Blue Cross Blue Shield as a well-known brands, has introduced a professional-level LCD monitors, introduced in 2011 during the 9-inch Blue Shield professional-grade LCD monitor, this also launched a landun15-inch LCD monitor, 17 inch monitor (aluminum) professional LCD monitor, 32 inch professional LCD monitor LCD monitors and other types of professional-grade LCD monitor, Blue Shield in the display area of ​​continuing research and latest technology to enhance their own performance, to show the user the best solution.

Along with LCD, LED popular efforts to speed up, gradually speed up the pace of development of liquid crystal display industry. Blue Cross Blue Shield (LANDUN) series of large font LCD display(iron / aluminum enclosure) is available, the market, demonstrated the appearance of a new aesthetic, influenced by a good holding. The product, slim body, but its borders are very beautiful, dynamic and smooth natural diamond, shape the overall feeling of innovation, new product reflects a new concept. One 19 inches have been relatively recognized by consumers, viewing angle: 170 ° (H) / 170 ° (V), Resolution: 1280 (H) × 1024 (V), high brightness: 550 cd/m2, Contrast Ratio: 1500 : a dynamic picture can be a good show distinct layering and color.

Blue Shield of display monitor and other products for many years in the highly competitive market in terms of sales in China accounted for the highest in the display level. Witness achievements, so that consumers see the Blue Shield team of excellent brand transformation effort and perseverance. With a unique and innovative product design and improve the management innovation model, the current Blue Shield around user needs, market segments sophisticated brand of marketing thinking has gradually clear up, which is a perfect transformation Blue Shield of interpretation.

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